Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing from MunkyOnline

Promote online to get more targeted visitors to your website leading to more enquiries and improved conversion rates.

  • We can make on-page changes to your website to make it easier for you to outrank your competitors in organic search results. (By organic we mean not paid for advertisements).
  • Tailored campaigns to build ranking power to your website over a number of months.
  • Campaigns can be scaled based on number of keywords, keyword competition and budget.
  • Optimise for local searches, international searches and integrate with social media management to maximise your exposure.

Send us your project details or call us on 01473 604242 to find out how we can help promote your business online.

Search Engine Optimisation

We’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire so we can get a clear picture of your services/products and your target market. As part of the campaign we’ll do an analysis of your websites current health and check that it meets the Google guidelines to identify any issues that may be affecting your rankings.

We’ll use the questionnaire data to research search keywords that will get you the best return on your investment. We’ll inform you right away if the keywords you have selected are too competitive for your budget and suggest others which will be more suitable. Everything will be collated in a comprehensive proposal detailing your monthly SEO campaign.

Search engine optimise your website.

Website Optimisation

Got a web site but not getting many visitors or you cant see it listed in the search engines?

We’ll review your website to see where problems may lie and give you a quote to fix them.

» Get your website optimised

We can also help with...

  • Engage your website visitors with a web video that clearly introduces your company and your services.
  • Let us manage your online social profile, get your company/brand noticed and interact with your customers on your behalf.
  • Need a new website or your current website needs updating? Find out about our Web Design services.

Monitoring & Statistics

When your SEO campaign is underway we will closely monitor your search engine rankings and make adjustments where necessary. You’ll receive a weekly report of all your rankings so you can see how everything is progressing. Google Analytics will be installed on your website to track visitor statistics and traffic.

Get started today!

Sometimes it can take a few weeks before you start seeing positive improvements to your organic search engine rankings so it’s important we get started as soon as possible. Send us your details or call us on 01473 604242 and let’s get your website optimised!