Social Media Management

Let Munky Online manage your social media profiles.

With the rise in popularity of online social and business websites, social media has become a big player in many companies marketing campaigns.

Social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ enable companies to have more direct contact with their customers which can provide both sides with up to date information and quick feedback. Information shared via online social profiles can even become viral and create great exposure of anything like your latest product or news.

We realise you may not have the time to manage your online social profiles. You may be thinking that it’s about time you were participating, benefiting from interacting with your customers and letting them know you’re active. We can create your online profiles and manage them for you, allowing you to be free to continue running your business.

  • Profile creation and optimisation for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Profile URL customisation based on your company or brand (where possible).
  • Monitoring to remove unwanted spam connection requests and messages.

Ongoing Management

As part of on-going social media management we will work to frequently update all your social profiles with current information and new status updates. Interaction with your friends, followers and connections is the key part of maintaining your profiles and we will endeavour to increase connections and group acquisition.

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We can also help with...

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Social Media Optimisation

Social media optimisation is becoming a great identifier for search engine optimisation, as search engines are now taking into account ratings and recommendations of users of the social networks.

This means that numbers of likes, tweets and shares of a web page is actually an influential factor for search engines to measure a website or web pages popularity and therefore will now affect its rankings in the search engine results. So now it’s more important than ever that your company is being social and getting noticed.

It's Time To Get Social!

Having us manage your online social profiles will be an integral part of your online marketing and can be very effective when combined with our web videos and search engine optimisation services. If you would like to know more contact us or call us on 01473 604242.